Journey of a Lifetime

Dienstag, 26.01.2016



Let me rethink to the point of where I decided to go abroad to study in America…oh right, that was in high school. When I was around 10th grade, so 15 years old, my English teacher told me that I had to suck up and really study more for English because I was about to fail the class. Thus, the best thing I could think of was: Watching TV Series in English, starting off with Grey’s Anatomy. After like 6 seasons of that and a few rounds of WOW, and realizing that I am quite the Nerd, I improved my English and became a B+. After watching more series like Vampire Diaries, Glee and movies about football I became aware of the fact that America seems pretty great. My goal was to study International Management or some kind but to study that in America. It was my dream to do that and I thought months about how to do it. Well, that did not happen anyways. After starting my study course in Cleve, I was aware of the fact that I would never go to America…well that’s what I thought. After settling for Venlo, or was it The Hague?, for my semester abroad, I felt disturbed. Did I not want to go to America anymore? I could do it! That were my thoughts. Therefore I decided to do everything I could do be able to go to America. And I got accepted, which was actually against all odds. It was a dream come true for me.


So, here I am in Michigan, living the dream.
The travel was so much fun, like when you are forced to eat a cat and puke it out again. SO fun. Yeah. We traveled for 20 hours and had a fucked up four-hour drive afterwards. On the other hand: We flew over so many countries and saw so many cities as well as the Chicago Skyline, which was A-mazing.

I arrived at 2 am here in Big Rapids, and fell asleep instantly. The next morning my roomates, which I already know from Germany, woke me up because I had to do an English test. Way to start the day, peeps! So after everything was done, all administrative errands and my test, I had time to chill. For like 5 minutes since we went to the first Party here. Celebrating with my roomates was exciting, I got to know them A LOT. Like, a lot a lot. At night we went to Shooters, the local bar that everybody goes to on Friday nights.

Living with my roomates here is great, we know each other so well by now and it hasn’t even been a week living here. You know, when you play Truth or Dare as well as Never Have I Ever with people, you get to know some dirty sectrets or weird facts about them that they normally wouldn’t tell you? Now, my roomates and I talk about it constantly. Like, we talk about poop everyday and how our metabolism is working. It’s weird, but it’s fun. And we trust each other fully. The weirdest part: I expected much, even though I did not want to, but my expectations were fully met.

Even the University, it is super chill. The Americans and down to earch and are easy to talk to from my point of view (Well I am very open minded and take every chance to get to know strangers). Thus, one can say I have a good time here. For now. Due to the fact that we have to hand in homework like every second day of the week, there will be much work to do in the future. But I am looking forward to that and what America has left to show. For now, I am staying with my imagination of this beautiful place and I cannot wait for the new football season to begin again:



We are going to a Basketball team from the Bulldogs, our College Team, today. Then there is the NFL game of the Patriots on Saturday night which we will be seeing in a local sports bar and then since there is so so so much snow here, we’ll go skiing soon.



Take care peeps

The Trouble Begins

Dienstag, 26.01.2016

So this week has been much more busy than last week. I started off really good, working out every morning and really feeling more energetic and happy, like truly happy in the place where I am right now. I had much more assignments, met much more people because I approach people in a very cheerful way.

After pregaming at Max’s place, which looks super fine and after meeting Ham there, we went to Shooters. As usual. Unusually we played an UNO game before going out, which sounds very childish but it is a fucking badass drinking game. Then at Shooters I had the most fun ever. We danced so much, partyed really hard and made crazy things. Bastian and Elise became really important to me over this week because they are so easy to talk to and I really feel that they are good people. Sometimes you just know. We even planned to meet each other in the Netherlands after the Semester Abroad (or in my case after a year here).
So on Saturday I was in “The Revenant” with Elias, Tanja, Tom, Elise and Marti. The movie was okay, but the cashier who gave me popcorn was the highlight because she was super cute. Yeah, anyway. We actually planned on going to Grant Rapids this weekend to the Gay Bar there, sleep a night there and go shopping the next day. I am really looking forward to that. I even skyped with Annika about it when suddenly my roomates plopped in and told me crazy stories about Friday night, which I apparently haven’t seen. I laughed my ass off and Annika can proof that because we skyped during that. That is what I really appreciate though, my roomates just looking out for me. Same goes for Annika, she makes sure that we text and skype every now and then to keep contact. We are pretty strong what friendship is concerned.
The other thing is.. Which keept me pretty bummed on Sunday and today is my former roomates. I had a situation on Sunday with one of them and he made me pretty mad and uneasy. It is settled and was basically just a misunderstanding. The whole day was just weird, I probably miss them too much and the distance finally got to me. Now, I am just concerned and super bummed. To be honest, I feel super sad actually and couldn't sleep for days and when I did I had nightmares.  I hope it’s only a temporary thing though.
But I feel like they are moving on and I am kept in this constant battle between wanting to go back and staying here to get things right for my future. I hope everyone goes through this phase, it drives me mad already. Anyway, I can’t help feeling like crap about that and I just have to survive somehow. But like they say: It gets better. 

For now, I try to have a lot of fun and these friends here help me to get over my homesickness:


And a huge hands up for my current roomates, because we talked a lot about such issues and they really try to make me feel better. I cannot express how much I appreciate their effort, we are really found of each other. That’s important to note for me as there are so many friends that keep you company and only a few of them display a really good spirit. You can vibe with someone and chill or party with them but they may not be a good friend to you, but my roomates are not like that. We are really a little family, with a mom and dad :D I love them. If it weren’t for them, I would have went nuts already.

Another aspect of my life here is that I finally found my passion in lifting again. I had such a hard time obtaining my schedule in Germany and when my training partner gave up, I automatically did too. I believed that I am not able to find the motivation to go to the gym alone, AT ALL. But here I am, training 24/7 and 5-6 times a week and I feel so so good. I even bought protein powder again in my first week here (as well as my first American Deep Dish Pizza: )


Oh and I took my time to think about a second tattoo and I am really fond of it. I decided to go with a Lion motif. My goal was, just like my first tattoo, to be able to look in the mirror and feel instantly courageous of the tattoo. When I imagine wearing the following picture on my body, motivation just grows. The lion symbolizes some values and beliefs that I like to adapt, which is that I should be fierce, courageous, strong and powerful.

(I want the upper one).

And to end this chapter on a positive note: I just had five funny minutes today where I joked about being the king of Japan and then had to google if there is even a monarchy or dictatorship in Japan because I really didn’t know. :D

BB & SB. Beer, more beer and SuperBowl!

Dienstag, 09.02.2016

The weeks go by very very fast around here. Due to my double degree I have much more courses than the average student, which gives me more homework during the week. We have due dates to hand stuff in and I have at least two due dates a day. It is not that bad after all, I love my minor in Small Business and Entrepreneurship. I really believe in a carreer path right now, only took me three years of college. 
While that is going on, we thought about going to Grant Rapids last weekend. And mate, it was incredible. I went there with Elise, Bastian, Allie and T.K. and those guys are hilarious. I truly love them as party mates and friends. We had the most fun on the car ride, I even found a love in "pussy cat dolls" again, which is odd. First, we went to the gay bar and Allie and I went to the men's bath room. Well, we went in there until one lovely lady told us this was probably the wrong room. Thank god! It was fun after all. The club was nice and the people seemed really relaxing. I love me some fags after all. And there was this Trans-show, where Trans people each danced to a song and the audience gave them a dollar. I was never in a strip club, but this pretty much sums it up I think. 

Then we chanced locations to this club B.O.B. and holy shit. That was a mansion! It had three floors where people partyed and there was such a good music playing. Great DJ, especially since he played three Justin Bieber songs within an hour, haha. 


On Sunday, there was the globally known Superbowl. We went to a friends' place and got some chicken wings, pizza and lots of other food. And also beer. Yeah the most important part, beer! 
There were so many people and the room looked awesome, the people had the best vibes and beer was great. I am a die heart football fan so I actually enjoyed the game. 
What a great experience. In Germany, I was always the only one staying up all night to watch the superbowl and one time a friend of mine watched it with me there, but that's it. Here, it's crazy celebrated and it really feels like a holiday for the Americans. 

So what's next? My tattoo date, watching Deadpool with friends, going to the gay club again aaaaaand most importantly: Beeeeer.